DevOpinion is a free online resource for everyone who wants to learn about website designing, development, and stay updated with all the latest trends. The motive of the blog is to help developers and beginners to know everything they should know in order to be an expert in the field.

Developing a website that can be found by your customers in Google and also generates more turnover is specialist work. Not only you need good website architects and website developers, but also expertise with proven experience.

This is a blog with a number of articles and how-tos. I am certainly convinced that people are stronger together than alone. That is why I help people learning the things I have experienced throughout my journey as a web developer.


My mission

Think of a website as an online business card. What does your website stand for? That’s what you show at a glance with a website. Do you want to create a website that shows the uniqueness of a business? DevOpinion helps you with this.

My main focus is to help developers. Nothing is more beautiful than achieving success by doing it right through your own way of thinking and working.

With DevOpinion, I believe that every company, organization, association, foundation, or person needs a website that has a unique story or idea. Also, I will help you create a website that tells its unique story online.

With my technical expertise, I can help you learn about website development and the online world to close.

Meet the author

Hmm.. let’s have a look. My name is Amarjit Singh. I have been working in the field for more than 5 years now. Being stubborn and believing in my own ideas, is what makes my uniqueness. What more can I say?

I am quite an introvert. So I’ll probably say ‘no thanks to the question: Shall we have a cup of coffee? Not personal. You can of course email me. Nice even.

Will I meet you to help? Not really. I help you with advice, answers, new hunches, a smile, inspiration, or a helping hand.