Privacy Policy

Privacy is paramount to us at We collect your data to ensure that we can enter into new agreements or execute existing agreements for advising, realizing and maintaining web information and online campaigns and to provide support.

Data we collect

When using DevOpinion for the use of information, we will collect some data from our server based on your activities. If you haven’t registered with us, the data that we will necessarily collect includes:

– Which of our pages do you visit
– Date and time of the visit
– Transmitted data volume in bytes
– From which internet page you visited reached the website
– Browser used to access our blog
– Operating system used
– IP address used (anonymized if necessary)

Why do we collect your personal data?

At devopinion, we contact you by email to communicate with you personally, for example, in response to your comments or service requests, or, if you choose to receive such information, inform you about devopinion. Our More specific goals include:

We will contact you by phone to schedule an appointment
Process your participation in promotions, surveys or website functions
Contacting (potential) customers and relations;
Provide support on our products and services;
Comply with and improve our Terms and Conditions where possible;
Protect the business of devopinion or its affiliates;
Enable us to pursue available remedies or limit any damages we may incur

How do we collect your personal information?

You can provide us with your personal data in various ways, for example, by:

• sending a question via our contact form
• registering for our newsletter;
• communicate with our customer service by email, telephone, or in writing.

Cookies and IP Addresses for a better service

In order to make the visit of each user functional, we use cookies on our blog pages. Cookies are basically a file that is stored on the system that contains the information regarding your browser session. We use the cookies to access your data that includes information about location, IP address, browser, and operating system.
When you visit our website, we automatically collect and store certain usage data. This includes the assigned IP address of your computer. We need this address for the transmission of the content of our website you have called up (such as texts, images, product information and/or files that you can download, etc.). We also collect and store information about your use of the website, operating system version, the hardware used, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, the website from which the request originated, and the date and time of use from the website.

We keep this information and the IP address for a maximum of 7 days to detect and report abuse. We use anonymous usage information to design our website to meet your needs. Further usage analyzes of such data will only be performed if and to the extent that they are described under the heading “usage analysis” or if the data has been made anonymous.

We delete or anonymize the usage data, including your IP address, as soon as it is no longer needed for the above purposes.

Agreement to receive advertisements

When exploring our blog, we allow our users to give us permission to show them advertisements. Moreover, when a user is a consent to receive ads, we used to send them advertising material through email or SMS. Everything is based on legal regulations, and thus the data is processed with mutual consent.

CCPA Privacy Rights

Law & More processes your data to comply with legal obligations. On the basis of the CCPA privacy rights and the rules of conduct that apply to lawyers, we are obliged to verify your identity on the basis of a valid proof of identity. We do not sell your data to any third party.

If you have commissioned us to provide legal services, we ask that you share your contact details with us. Other personal data may also be necessary for the handling of your case, depending on the nature of the matter. Your personal data will also be used to invoice for the services provided. To the extent necessary for our services, we provide your personal data to third parties as per need only.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Data Protection Rights

All the data that we process is in accordance with the GDPR rules, which is based on the functionality of the blog. We keep on checking our servers to ensure only the legal information is collected and there isn’t any illegal use of your personal information.
Any of your data that has been processed through means of your web cookies will be in regard to the GDPR terms. We ensure an effective and visitor-friendly experience with your every visit.

Children’s Information

Children privacy is another mode of privacy that we consider. We do not want to or intentionally collect the personal data of any child under the age of 13. We strongly suggest parents to take care of this. If they think we have got data of their children, they can freely contact us, and we will delete that information from our database. Kindly monitor the activities of your kids!


You can submit a request for inspection, correction or addition, deletion, limitation, transferability of data or withdrawal of previously given permission to Law & More via the email address