October CMS vs. WordPress: A thorough comparison to choose the best

October CMS has enough useful features but is not bloated with features that are not used, as with some major CMS systems. Yet you can do a lot with October CMS. From simple websites to complex web apps. The extensibility and range of plugins also make it easy to add extra functionality with a single click. Whereas in WordPress, you have access to a lot of functionality in the form of plugins. Choose the one that matches your skills and website requirements!

Run Apache and NodeJS on the same server. | Run NodeJS on Apache server

So to serve PHP and ExpressJS App on the same port we will be running ExpressJS on default port 80/443 as a reverse proxy server for the PHP Web App requests. A reverse proxy server is a server that handles the requests on behalf of the other server. So in our case, NodeJS will handle requests for the PHP server and forward them to the Apache server.