Top programming languages in 2021

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Last Updated on March 24, 2021 by Amarjit Singh

Evolution never stops! 

Yes, the world keeps on changing, and to remain ahead in the rat race, one ought to embrace the advancements in the digital world. Especially for those who want to discover the tech-world, your will to embrace every digital invention is highly significant. One such being the plethora of programming languages. 

With more choices, comes more confusion. But being a tech-geek, mastering one or two languages as per the trend and requirements is highly imperative. So, taking the heap of loads from you, we have penned down the top programming languages of 2021 that will help you get upskilled and uncover a great opportunity. 

Read through to know the top programming languages in 2021 to make a smart choice.


If you are planning on hitting the world of software development, then there is no way that you can skip on JavaScript. As per Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, JavaScript has made it to the list of top programming languages again, and that too for the eighth time in the row.

So, it won’t be too much to say that it is impossible to become a proficient software developer without having the hands-on skill of JavaScript. The language is a 

highly popular preference if you want to ace the front-end development. However, don’t forget to grab HTML and CSS if you want to become a pro in front-end development.

Also, one can master backend-development as well using Node.js and learning the prominent frameworks like React, Vue, Node, etc. Due to its friendly and flexible syntax, JavaScript is the top pick of 2021 and will remain forever in the development game, unlike many others. 


The next language that made it to our list is the very popular Python language. The versatility and flexibility feature of this language makes it a popular choice among beginners. Even being a high-level language, the syntax of Python is considered intuitive, clear, and quick to grab. 

So, if you are tempted by back-end development and wish to play with the Django framework, then Python is definitely your cup of tea. 

Also, other than being feature-rich Python is an open source and free language accompanied by the extensive support modules, user-friendly data structure, easy integration with web services and GUI based desktop applications. Its growth rate ranges between 18%-19% due its extensive use in the trending technologies like Machine learning and Artificial language.


Another top programming language for those academically inclined is Scala referred to as the modern cousin of Java. The language incredibly integrates the top-notch features of Java with a modern enhanced twist. Tech giants like Twitter, eBay, Netflix, and LinkedIn have incorporated this language into their platforms.

Thus, it won’t be much to say that the language will grow significantly in the near future. So, web development is a piece of cake then try Scala to opt. It is highly easy to grab and get through with the language due to its seamless codes. 

Being a general purpose language, Scala has cemented itself to a strong position among developers. Don’t forget that it supports both object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. It offers exceptional features like string interpolation, type inference, lazy computation, great scalability, and many others.

Therefore, if Data Science, Machine Learning and Web Development are your area of interest, then Scala should be in your skill set seeing the current scenario.


Those of you who love working with the ins and outs of Apple products or get tempted with mobile development, then in 2021 learning Swift language would be a great start. A very new programming language as announced by Apple in 2014, the language has made a firm position in the top programming languages. 

The language has been optimized efficiently to enhance the performance and built from scratch to match the realities of current iOS development. The language successfully runs on every iPhone and iPad without any hindrance. Also, it is the basis for several other operating systems namely WatchOS for Apple watches and tvOS for Apple TVs. 

Apple being a highly blooming industry that seems going nowhere even in the distant future, acing Swift language would be a smart move. As we know that Apple is a gigantic tech industry leader and the iOS apps continue to mark a profitable position in the marketplace of mobile apps, having hands-on skills in Swift would be highly beneficial. 


Last but not the least programming language that grabbed a position not only in this list, but in many other indexes as well is C#. As per the surveys conducted by TIOBE and PYPL, the language bagged 4th and 5th position at indexes respectively. GitHub Language Rankings is also giving  C# the 5 position consistently for the last two years. 

Developed by Microsoft, C# is a general-purpose programming language that has been primarily used for its .NET framework. C# is significantly cementing itself in the fields of game development, development of Windows applications, server-side applications, etc. One such example is its extensive use in Unity game engine software by the companies like Capgemini and Intellect soft. 

The language features a rich set of libraries  which make it a faster and efficient programming language. Some other additional exceptional features of the language that are worth a pat by the developers are – faster compilation, complete integration with .NET library, structured language,  updateable & scalable, component-oriented and many more.  

So, if you’re looking forward to develop your skill set by including C# in 2021, then giving second thoughts won’t be worth it.

It’s time to Code 

When choosing which programming language to learn, it’s significant not to get tricked with popularity insights or go with the flock of sheep. The best programming dialects to learn in 2021 are likely the very ones that were ideal to learn in 2017 and 2018, and that will keep on being valid for the following quite a long while also. 

But you ought to make a wise choice contemplating every factor that would help you make the right choice. Once you determine which programming language you are going to go with, just buckle up and ace every theoretical and practical aspect of it. Make your choice depending on your inclinations and the sort of programming advancement you need to get into.

By learning at least one of these programming languages, you’ll be in a magnificent position during the current year as well as in the years to come. 

Also, the three key mantras of acing these languages are Practice, Practice and Practice!

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